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Link - tracker    

How do you monitor your links?

Which of your links is the most popular?

Which links earn you the most revenue?

Are the links on your website working for you?

  With The Red Toolbox.com's Link - tracker service you can monitor which hyper-links on your website are being clicked.
  Virtually all websites have links which, when clicked, divert visitors to other sites. Maybe you have links on your site which divert visitors to an affiliate program, or perhaps you have more than one site and link to those as well.
  With our Link - tracker service you can ' follow ' your visitors and discover exactly which links are being clicked. There's nothing more frustrating than having a great looking site with quality images and links and not knowing if all your time and effort is reaching it's potential.
  Just think, if you had links for various different software titles to an on-line store, wouldn't it be great if you could see at a glance which of the different products were the most popular?
  It doesn't end there
  You can also track links within emails, so if you use email marketing as a business tool you can track the links within them as well.
  Key features
No programming Identify trends
No software to install Valuable information
Just copy and paste code Discover visitor habits
Set up in minutes Be in total control of your site
Link-Tracker is a perfect complimentary service for any of our Hit Counter packages - click here for more details
As with all of The Red Toolbox.com services and packages Link - tracker is simple to set up, straightforward to manage and great value too!
To track up to 25 links   To track up to 100 links
  Monthly Fee
GBP 2.99
USD $ 4.49
EURO € 4.59
  Monthly Fee
GBP 9.99
USD $ 14.99
EURO € 15.49
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